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$150 in minimum spend required to reserve a party room.

La Vista - Southport (120th & Giles)

La Vista party room holds up to 40 people


Omaha - Tranquility Park (123rd & Maple)

Omaha part room holds up to 35 people


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We also have A/V equipment and whiteboards for club and business meetings.

PizzaWest Party Room Guidelines - 2024

Rules for groups of 20 or more to help provide the best guest experience


  • Party room use is limited to a maximum of 3 hours. 

  • $150 minimum food and drink purchase. One check is preferred but all checks count towards the $150 minimum. If you fall short a “room fee” will be charged to cover the difference.

  • Gratuity is NOT automatically added, common tip percentages can be found on the bottom of the receipt.

  • We offer a full bar at both locations and can do separate tabs for alcohol.

  • Please respect your scheduled in and out times as we try to keep 45-60 minutes between parties to make sure the room is cleaned and ready for the next group.

  • You may be able to decorate early if the room is open before your event.  Check with a manager the day before. No glitter, confetti or anything that can damage our walls.

  • You are welcome to bring in your own cake or desserts to celebrate your occasion!

  • Please speak to a manager regarding dietary restrictions or food allergies that require an individual menu choice.


Weekday Lunch Specials for Party Room Bookings (Mon - Fri 11:00-2:00)

Pick 1 jumbo pizza for every 5 guests in the room and we’ll include a trip to the salad bar and pitchers of drinks for $13/person.  Or you can order off the catering menu below.


Call to reserve 402-933-7499 La Vista or 402-933-7501 for 123rd & Maple. 

Or you can email to check availability for either room. 

Catering/party room menu


Top Picture: Omaha Party Room

Bottom Picture: La Vista Party Room

Catering and Party Room Menu
Projector white boards
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